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Picture of VN | Thanh Ha | Original Fish Sauce 10N | 24x180ml.
New Product
Thanh Ha is a well-known Vietnamese brand that offers a diverse range of food products, particularly focusing on traditional Vietnamese cuisine. They are also the No.1 brand for the highest quality, premium fish products in Vietnam. As a restaurant, wholesaler or shop owner, you can offer Original Fish Sauce 10N with pride knowing you offer your customers the best of the best. Thanh Ha’s Original Fish Sauce 10N makes every dish finger-licking good with fresh flavors and natural ingredients all the way from Vietnam.
Picture of TH | Pantai | Hot & Spicy Suki Sauce | 12x680ml.
New Product
Pantai is home to the most famous mouth-watering authentic products, they produce a variety of famous Thai cooking or Asian kitchen ingredients such as soy sauces, seasonings, flavorings, sauces, and pastes including the award-winning ‘’sweet chili sauce’’ which can be enjoyed with every meal, barbeque or roast marinade. Add Hot & Spicy Suki Sauce 680ml to your assortment to expand your Thai offer.
Picture of KR | Samyang | Buldak Hot Chicken Ramen 3x Spicy | 8x5x140g.
New Product
Like Spicy? Then you should try this NEW 3x Spicy Buldak Flavour which is the Hottest in the Samyang line! These jaw-dropping, mind-blowing internet sensation need no introduction, as Samyang grew in popularity not only for its extra spiciness but it’s mouth-watering flavor too! Straight from the depth of Korea this irresistible ramen has an intense kick of heat but an addictively delicious flavor.

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