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Picture of EU | Ultra Pop | Gumisan | Cherry and Apple Flavored Gummies | Naruto | 14x180g.
New Product
Delight in the delicious Cherry Apple Flavored Gummies from Naruto, featuring the iconic character Naruto. These gummies showcase a unique shape and hold a Halal certification, ensuring top-notch quality and inclusivity. Conveniently packed in a 180g packet, they provide a delightful snacking option for every occasion.
Picture of KR | Ottogi | Kimchi Ramen | 20x120g.
Deal 10+1
Ottogi Kimchi Ramen, 120g. Korean ramen featuring the distinctive flavor of kimchi. Crafted with selected ingredients for an authentic taste experience.
Picture of JP | LOTTE | Pokemon Wafers Chocolate | 8x30x23g.
New Product
Indulge in a delightful treat with LOTTE - Pokemon Wafers Chocolate. Each bite offers a perfect combination of crispy wafers and rich chocolate, while also surprising you with a random Pokemon sticker in every package. A must-have for any Pokemon enthusiast!
Picture of TW | Royal Family | Mochi - Maple Pancake | 24x120g.
New Product
The Mochi's exterior, made from glutinous rice, provides a soft, chewy experience that complements the rich maple flavor. The subtle sweetness combined with the creaminess creates a harmonious balance, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate fine Asian confections.
Picture of TW | Royal Family | Mochi - Strawberry Cheese Cake | 24x120g.
New Product
Experience the sophistication of Strawberry Cheese Cake Mochi in a corporate setting, offering a touch of elegance to your culinary offerings. Share these delightful rice cakes to evoke appreciation for the finer nuances of Asian flavors among your customers.
Picture of TH | Kaijae | Fried Shallots | 10x500g.
New Product
Kaijae Fried Shallots, 500g. This package contains 500g of crispy fried shallots, ideal for adding flavor and texture to dishes. Shallots are known for being a little sweeter than most onions AND they have a more subtle allium flavor.
Picture of TH | Kaijae | Fried Garlic | 6x(10x100g.)
New Product
Kaijae Fried Garlic, 100g. This package contains 100g of crispy fried garlic, perfect for adding an extra flavor dimension to various dishes. Ideal for businesses offering high-quality Thai ingredients.
Picture of TW | Royal Family | Mochi - Tiramisu & Creme | 24x120g.
New Product
Crafted from glutinous rice, the Mochi's exterior offers a delightful chewiness. Inside, the layers of Tiramisu & Creme unfold with each bite, offering a perfect balance of sweetness and coffee notes. Ideal for corporate gatherings or as an exquisite snack in executive lounges, these Mochi treats redefine culinary expectations.
Picture of TW | Royal Family | Mochi - Vanilla Creme | 24x120g.
New Product
These 120g mochi’s, part of our Mochi collection, showcase the artistry of Taiwanese confectioners. The delicate blend of high-quality vanilla and creamy texture makes them a staple in our Asian sweets assortment.
Picture of TW | Royal Family | Mochi - Creamy Matcha Latte | 24x120g.
New Product
The outer layer, derived from glutinous rice, provides the signature Mochi chewiness. Paired with the velvety smoothness of matcha latte, it delivers a sensory experience that transcends ordinary snacking. Ideal for corporate settings, these Mochi delicacies redefine the expectations of Asian sweets.

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Seaweed: the unexpected superfood taking over Europe!
Friday, July 5, 2024

In recent years, seaweed has become very popular among European consumers with a projected growing rate of 12.3% since 2021-2026 (according to KBVresearch). This delicious snack that is typically used in Asian cooking, is now also appreciated in Europe for its health benefits and unique flavors. So, what's behind this trend? Who are the new seaweed fans, and what do they like about this nutritious snack? Let's look at the five reasons why seaweed is gaining popularity in Europe.

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