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Instant Noodles

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Perfect for a quick lunch, a snack or combining it with dinner. The bags or plastic cups with noodles are often used to take to work or school. Add some hot water and enjoy. You can flavor the instant noodle soup with the oil and herbs inside the package. Choose your favorite noodle! There are dozens of flavors for every instant noodle lover, often with typical Asian ingredients such as kimchi, shrimp, or Pho Ga. You can also make your own noodle dish with the different types of noodles.

Get ready for the tantalizing flavor of Buldak Habanero Lime Hot Chicken Ramen from Samyang. Our delicious South Korean-stye ramen is sure to satisfy with its deliciously spicy, fire habanero and buldak flavor, perfected with a zesty lime finish. Perfect for those looking for a 4 on the spiciness scale, this Halal and HACCP-approved dish is ideal for an easy lunch or quick dinner.
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