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Picture of JP | Cheetos | Frito Lay SUPPA MANIA Plum Flavor | 12x50g.
New Product
These delicious Suppa Mania chips with Sour Plum flavor are now available in our webshop. Don't hesitate, and place them on the shelces of your store. Let your costumers taste this populair Japanese snack.
The Buenas range comprises high-quality products that capture the essence of Filipino culinary traditions. From flavorful fruit preparations to delicious paste and tempting coconut creations, Buenas understands the diversity of fresh Asian products and brings them directly to your store or restaurant. Additionally, Buenas embraces its heritage and contributes to sharing the rich and delightful culture of the Philippines with the world. Buenas Banana Chips - Long Cut is a great example of this. Therefore, order Buenas Banana Chips - Long Cut from Buenas now to provide your customers with quality.
Picture of KR | Samyang | Pop Corn Snack | 20x67g.
Enjoy the crunchy goodness of this Korean-inspired snack, packed with flavors that will transport your taste buds to the heart of Korea. Grab this Asian delight and elevate your snack offerings with Samyang's Pop Corn Snack Bag.
Picture of KR | Samyang | Zzaldduk Snack |  24x120g.
Deal 10+1
Treat yourself to Samyang's Buldak Zzaldduk Snack - a fiery Korean delight! Perfect for Asian food enthusiasts. Grab yours now!
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