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Flours & Starches

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Picture of VN | Minh Ha | Rice Grain Powder - Bột gạo hột | 50x450g.
Minh Ha is a well-known Vietnamese brand that offers a diverse range of food products, particularly focusing on traditional Vietnamese cuisine. They are also the No.1 brand for the highest quality, premium fish products in Vietnam. As a restaurant, wholesaler or shop owner, you can offer Rice Grain powder Bot Gao Hot with pride knowing you offer your customers the best of the best. Minh Ha’s Rice Grain powder Bot Gao Hot makes every dish finger-licking good with fresh flavors and natural ingredients all the way from Vietnam.
Picture of TH | Kite |  All Purpose Flour | 10x1kg.
This all-purpose flour by Kite is made from natural wheat flour making it suitable for a great variety of cooking and baking activities.
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