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Pantai has created the most quality trusted products of authentic Thai sauces and pastes in over 60 years, and has since turned into the award-winning brand it is today. Each product is prepared carefully and honestly in order to satisfy customers' tastebuds.

119 products
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This sauce can be used in many different ways. Try it as a dipping sauce, salad dressing, or on your meat dish for example.
This spicy chili oil is made from soybean oil and gets its rich flavor for garlic, union, and of course red chili peppers.

People choose Pantai Because;

  • They Select pesticide-free vegetables from 100% safe farming.
  • They are a trusted and honest, quality brand
  • Committed to exporting authentic Thai sauces and pastes in both Asia and all over the world.
  • An Award-winning brand for Thai sauces and Pastes  


The Legend of Pantai

‘Pantai Norasingh,’ a man known and respected by the people of Thailand for his honesty. A true and honorable legend who portrayed a great act of integrity many years ago, when he and King Sanphet VIII were out sailing through rough weather conditions. Pantai found it difficult  to control the boat and eventually hit part of a tree because of a broken knot and the king fell into the sea . During this time people were not allowed to touch the king's hand or they were to be beheaded, but as respectful as Pantai was he reached out to help the king and brought him back onto the boat. Realizing what Pantai has done the king did not want to behead him but because of his honesty, Pantai told the King to do it. Therefore it is no mistake that the ‘’ Pantai’’ name was used to represent a brand that believes in and practices honesty in both producing quality and authentic Thai products.

Beautiful Blend of Quality

Farmers work extremely hard to select the freshest vegetables along with premium ingredients to create quality sauces, pastes, seasonings, and soy sauces. One by one each product is given high-quality attention to receive just the right amount of richness. Pantai specifically hand-picks the most beautiful blend of red chilies which are prepared in a special way to enjoy amazing Spicy flavors. Furthermore, most in-season seafood ingredients are used to produce quality seafood sauces and pastes. Amongst the many tasty and Spicy sauces or pastes, Pantai also produces a range of sugar-free sweet chili sauces ideal for those who wish to limit the amount of sugar in their diet.


An Extra Kick for your dish!

Pantai is home to the most famous mouth-watering authentic products, they produce a variety of famous Thai cooking or Asian kitchen ingredients such as soy sauces, seasonings, flavorings, sauces, and pastes including the award-winning ‘’sweet chili sauce’’ which can be enjoyed with every meal, barbeque or roast marinade. This sauce is perfect for an extra kick to your dish or dipping sauce. When used as a dipping sauce it blends perfectly with crispy fried spring rolls or any other deep-fried dishes such as fish cakes, fried-chicken, and shrimp cakes. Pantai over the  years still remains to be the #1 brand for Thai sauces and pastes all over Asia and the world, now that’s commitment!

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