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Minh Ha-Thanh Ha is home to the finest, authentic and highest quality Vietnamese products. It is the oldest and most trusted fish condiments company in Vietnam as well as the first fisheries brand that was allowed to export to Europe! All ingredients and raw materials used are 100% natural and contain no chemicals. Besides premium fish sauces, Minh Ha is the brand for a variety of fish products, such as shrimp paste, preserved Gouramy fish and many others. With Minha Ha- Thanh Ha it is ensured to add a very authentic taste to traditional Vietnamese dishes.

46 products
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People choose Minh Ha and Thanh Ha because;

  • Minh Ha is the No.1 brand for the highest quality, premium fish products in Vietnam
  • Minh Ha is the oldest and most trusted fish sauce brand in Vietnam
  • The use of 100% natural ingredients, free from chemicals
  • Non-GMO products
  • No preservatives
  • All health certificates for EU available (only company in Vietnam with fish products)


Truly Authentic and Vietnamese

Minh Ha-Thanh Ha is a family-owned business that was founded in 1918. It is the first brand that was allowed to export fish products to Europe. Min Ha-Thanh Ha selects only the most premium fish from Phu Quoc in Vietnam. All fish caught, goes through intensive quality, health and safety tests to produce the best and safest fish products on the Asian market.

Vietnamese have been fermenting fish for centuries as a way to preserve their big batches of fish. They used salt as a method of fermentation, that way it kept the fish from rotting over long periods of time. The process begins on the boat when the fisherman stores each catch of fish by layering it with salt. It is important to use the highest quality salt to flavor the fish, as the quality of the salt determines the intensity of the flavor.  The salted fish is then put into large wooden barrels to start an aging process that can last up to 12 months. The barrels are closely watched and the fish is tasted continuously by specialists to determine if the fish is ready.

Due to their intense focus and investment in hygiene and safety, Thanh Ha has received  numerous certificates by the former Vietnam Minister of Fisheries, such as HACCP, ISO9001, Halal and many more.


Real Fish Sauce Comes From Vietnam

This excellent fish sauce is made from fermented fish from the waters surrounding the untouched, pure Phú Quốc Island in Vietnam. This amazing fish sauce from Thanh Ha was one of the first fish products to be allowed to be exported internationally. Apart from just how amazing the taste is, Than Ha invests in only catching the freshest and highest quality fish. That will ensure a fish sauce with an amazing fresh fish aroma with a slightly salty and a bit of sour and sweet taste. It is commonly used in seasonings, fried vegetables, soups, dipping sauces and so much more and only just a few drops are needed. This stylish bottle with amazing fish sauces comes in 720ml, 520ml and 500ml and ranges from Original to Chilli, Garlic & Chilli and even a Vegan variety is possible!


Traditional Flavoured Varieties

The authentic and premium Vietnamese taste has become extremely popular within Vietnam as well as internationally. It is because the Vietnamese dishes and  flavors are unique and healthy too! Due to the many herbs, greens and less fatty products. Many dishes contain a bit of garlic, lime and chili, and some use lemongrass, ginger, Thai basil and Vietnamese mint. Many of the Than Ha products such as Shrimp sauce, Carp Fish, and Gouramy are used to add the traditional and authentic Vietnamese taste. Minha-Thanh Ha has made challenging dishes available by introducing their amazing ready-to-eat kits, so you can bring amazing dishes like Vietnamese Pho, Spring rolls & summer rolls to your home kitchen.

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