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Prao Hom

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Prao Hom gathered the absolute dream team of Coconut Specialists to create high-quality coconut products. It’s the only brand that produces coconut milk that tastes like it’s freshly squeezed. With 82% coconut extract and no added coconut oil or flavors, they deliver one of the the purest coconut milks in the market.

2 products
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Monkey free!
A while back, many European stores removed Thai coconut products from their shelves because of a monkey abuse allegation by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Their investigation revealed that monkeys in Thailand are being kept chained, abusively trained and forced to climb trees to pick coconuts. However, not all coconut product manufacturers operate this way.

Since its founding in 2016, Prao Hom decided to make a real difference in the coconut industry. By setting clear rules for their suppliers and having an open conversation with animal rights groups, Prao Hom creates a product that is pure, honest, and right. PETA sees this too, which is why they included Suree Interfoods a list of brands that don’t support monkey labor, which includes Suree Foods, the manufacturer of Prao Hom.

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