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Prao Hom

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Prao Hom is produced in Thailand which as a brand carefully inspects and only selects the freshest, brown, Thai coconuts. Compared to other brands that only use 60% coconut extract for their products including water along with flavourings, Prao Hom has an amazing 82% coconut extract with no added coconut oil, water, or flavours, it is also a non-GMO product, gluten-free and vegan-friendly!

2 products
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People use Prao Hom because;

  • Prao Hom uses 82% coconut extract while other brands use only 60%
  • No added coconut oil, water or flavours,
  • A non-GMO product , gluten-free and vegan friendly.
  • An extremely famous ingredient used in meals and dishes around Asia and the world
  • Prao Hom does not support monkey labor as per (PETA)

An added Coconut Twist!

In addition to the natural quality, it is the only brand that produces coconut milk that tastes like it’s been picked and freshly squeezed, also suitable for larger portions. It is an extremely popular ingredient to add in any Asian and Indian meals along with many other traditional dishes around the world, the delicious thick consistency and richness add a flavourful creamy texture and a unique taste to any recipe. It has become popular in parts of Europe and is perfect for an added authentic Thai taste or to get that creamy, rich coconut flavour in any curry, soup, dessert, or sauce.


Ethical Treatment of Animals

Prao Hom creates a product that is pure, honest, and right. Not too long-ago Thai coconut products were removed from European shelves because of a monkey abuse allegation made by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Unlike many other brands, Prao Hom does not support using monkeys for labour and PETA sees that too, which is why Suree Interfoods who is the manufacturer of the Prao Hom brand, has been included by the (PETA) on the list of brands that do not support monkey labour

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