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Addicted to Spice! Is just an understatement for this Korean noodle. SAMYANG is the most popular and influential spicy ramen noodle that perfectly blends flavors to create the amazing mouth-watering delicious taste that keeps many wanting more. The animated Hochi is a proud SAMYANG character who is loved by everyone and ready to spice up your shelves with the Global icon of K-spicy ‘Hot Chicken Ramen’.

40 products
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140G. (8X5)
Like Spicy? Then you should try this NEW 3x Spicy Buldak Flavour which is the Hottest in the Samyang line! These jaw-dropping, mind-blowing internet sensation need no introduction, as Samyang grew in popularity not only for its extra spiciness but it’s mouth-watering flavor too! Straight from the depth of Korea this irresistible ramen has an intense kick of heat but an addictively delicious flavor.
Get ready for the tantalizing flavor of Buldak Habanero Lime Hot Chicken Ramen from Samyang. Our delicious South Korean-stye ramen is sure to satisfy with its deliciously spicy, fire habanero and buldak flavor, perfected with a zesty lime finish. Perfect for those looking for a 4 on the spiciness scale, this Halal and HACCP-approved dish is ideal for an easy lunch or quick dinner.

SAMYANG is a proud producer of the first Ramen noodle ‘SAMYANG Ramen’ and is still loved by many since 1963. This emoticon is so famous that it even has a birthday celebrated on the 13th of April that tends to raise the bar on your sales tracker.

People choose Samyang because;

  • No.1 Instant noodle
  • 100% High-quality natural ingredients
  • Halal
  • Cool Designs
  • Great packaging
  • Variety of Tasty flavors


The First Choice For Noodles Lovers

SAMYANG was founded on the 24th of August 1961 and has always made food its priority. Back in the 60s food was extremely scarce in Asia and many people struggled to make a sufficient income. This is when Samyang created the Ramen noodle and In 1963 it became the second staple food in Korea after rice. The name SAMYANG was given by the president of SAMYANG Foods himself Chun Joong Yoon. Its meaning refers to a human being and the earth which are the two most important sources in life, as well as to provide rich nutrition to help people grow. This award-winning company has won many quality food awards as well as health and safety. They have been certified by many of the best and most qualified food auditors such as (KOLAS, ISO22000, and HALAL) and HACCP.


A Spicy Taste That Lasts

The first SAMYANG flavor produced was the ‘SAMYANG Ramen’ which was and still is a favorite amongst many locals and the world. This is a mild soup that is very chewy and delicious. SAMYANG ranges many different flavors of Spicy Ramen which include Hot Chicken Flavor, Stir-fried, Kimchi and much more. The Hot chicken flavor comes in many hot chicken Ramen varieties such as Hot Chicken Spicy Cheese, Stew, Jjajang, Curry and even Carbonaro also known as SAMYANG Carbo. These mouth-watering noodles come in cups/bowls as well. Each SAMYANG noodle flavor is made with quality ingredients to produce flavourful aromas. SAMYANG produces not only award-winning Ramen noodles but SAMYANG Buldak sauces as well, which come in original Buldak and extremely hot which are both very spicy sauces.


The old Flavor with a New Spice Level!

It’s no secret that the SAMYANG Hot Chicken Flavor X2 spicy is one of the spiciest instant noodles in the market and continues to increase its level of hotness! This noodle has a Scoville rating of 8000 units which could be compared to eating one whole jalapeno. A Scoville rating is a scale used to measure the level of spicy food. The global icon Hot Chicken Flavor X2 became a viral internet challenge, where many people around the world were testing their spice level as this flavor is extremely hot! Many people have purchased it just to tell their friends or social media that they have tried it out. The SAMYANG noodle comes in 8 multiples of 5 packs which in total is 40-packs in one box, however, the noodle bowls/cups come in a pack of 16.


How To Prepare SAMYANG

Put the noodles in boiling water and cook for 5 minutes. Remove the water, but leave a little water (approx. 40ml). Mix the sauce package with the noodles and stir-fry for 30 seconds. Add the flakes, stir and serve!

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