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BR | Sakura | Traditional Soy Sauce - Gluten Free! | 12x1ltr.

BR | Sakura | Traditional Soy Sauce - Gluten Free! | 12x1ltr.

This popular soy sauce is naturally brewed and gluten-free from Brasil, making it a healthy alternative to regular soy sauce. Order now and savor this gluten-free Soy Sauce!
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Discover the delightful taste of Sakura's Light Soy Sauce Gluten Free 1000ml, a Brazilian Soya Sauce that complements Asian dishes perfectly. This gluten-free sauce is a must-have for wholesalers, shop owners, tokoholders, and restaurants looking to enrich their selection with authentic and gluten-free sauces. With Sakura's Traditional Soy Sauce, you get the perfect balance of taste and health in your dishes! Using only GMO-free soy beans, this soy sauce is of high quality. Order now and savor this gluten-free Asian sauce!

Product numbers
Expiration date 2024-12-31
Gross Weight SU 15.02
Sales Unit DOOS
Packing 12X1LTR.
CBM (volume) 0.02197062
Country of origin BR
HS Code BR | 21031000 00
Multipack Amount 1
Ingredients water, salt, 10,5% SOYbeans, corn, sugar, coloring agent (E150a), flavour enhancer (E621), preservative (E202). Storage conditions: keep in a dry and cool place. Preferably store in the refrigerator after opening.
Energy 239kJ/57kcal
Fat 0g.
Of which saturated fat 0g.
Carbohydrates 11,8g.
Protein 2,5g.
Allergen Soy Soy
Vegan YES
Halal NO


With over 80 years of experience and a workforce of mainly Japanese, Sakura has truly captured the traditional Japanese taste. Introducing a naturally brewed, always premium and gluten-free soy sauce. Sakura is based in Brazil which has the largest population of Japanese people outside Japan, and is dominating the American soy sauce market. Sakura's soy sauce ranges from the most traditional dark soy sauce to a thinner and lighter range with less salt, all gluten-free, for the convenience of everybody.

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This popular soy sauce is naturally brewed in Brazil and has 35% less salt, making it a healthy alternative to regular soy sauce. Order now and savor this gluten-free Soy Sauce!
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