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Sweeten up your store for Valentine’s Day

How to get Valentine's Day ready with Pepero, Pocky, mochi and more

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Valentine’s Day is the season of love, and it’s time to think beyond traditional chocolates and explore the delightful world of this delicious and iconic selection of treats for your store. From the iconic Pepero and Pocky to the irresistible Mochi and Tasty Sounds audio lollipops, we've got everything you need to add a touch of uniqueness and romance to your store. So, get ready to impress your customers and make their Valentine's Day unforgettable with our amazing selection of treats!


1.      Pocky and Pepero

These slender, chocolate-coated biscuit sticks are not just delicious; they also symbolize sharing and connection. Their long shape makes them perfect for couples to enjoy together, and share sweet moments. With various flavors to choose from, like strawberry, chocolate, Oreo, almond, and many more. Pocky and Pepero offer diverse tastes, making them an ideal gift for expressing affection. Create eye-catching displays that showcase these slender delights,

2.      Tasty Sounds Recordable Lollipops

Introduce a creative twist to the traditional Valentine’s Day treats, Tasty Sounds recordable lollipops. A TikTok sensation that adds an interactive element to the Valentine’s Day experience. By using bone conduction customers can share sweet messages while enjoying these delicious lollipops. It’s a unique way to make the celebration memorable and engage customers with a personalized touch.

3.      Mochi Magic

Soft, chewy, and available in many flavors like matcha, ube, red bean and so much more, the mochi has become a favorite dessert worldwide. Its fluffy texture and delicious taste provide healthier yet tasty Valentine’s Day sweets. The bite-sized portions also make them an excellent choice for sharing, gifting, or enjoying individually. Read more about the mochi in our blog and the different ways Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Asia.

The beauty of offering these iconic treats lies in their ability to cater to a diverse audience. Whether customers are looking for a classic treat, an interactive experience, or a unique texture, these sweets and candies provide options for every taste and preference. With unique flavors, shareable experiences, versatile gifting options, and the potential for customer engagement on social media, these treats can bring a touch of romance and playfulness to your store. By incorporating these treats into your Valentine’s Day selection, you’re not just offering delicious treats – you’re providing an experience that enhances the celebration of love.

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