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Prepare yourself for the exciting world of the best-selling Korean Chocolate covered cookie,’’ Pepero’’. They have become so famous that November 11th is Pepero day! An official day in Korea to celebrate loved ones, friends, and even romance, by exchanging these vibrant boxes of Pepero. Many Stores reported that their highest sales day happens to be on this day! These delicious thin-size pretzel sticks are covered in real chocolate, super crunchy and come in many more flavors!

A Pepero  Tale

The fun story all began in Korea during the 1980s. An award-winning company LOTTE which is the producer and seller of Pepero sticks started to notice that every year on the 11th of November their sales increased drastically. The company decided to do research and found out that as a way of teasing each other because of the shape of these chocolate-covered pretzel sticks, many school girls were buying Pepero sticks to give to their friends as a funny reminder to stay thin. However, there have been many stories about the origin of  Pepero day so nobody knows if this is true!

11/11 Or Pepero Day!

Are you interested in Pepero sticks yet? You may have seen these cookies but did you know that there is an actual day in South Korea when everyone celebrates Pepero day? This day became famous after the 1990s and is the biggest marketing event as sales increase drastically every year as the demand for Pepero sticks has increased not only in Korea but worldwide too. On this day people exchange the Pepero sticks to show others they still care. It can be sometimes compared to Valentine’s day but not as romantic and red is not the official color. On Pepero day you can share the cookies with your girlfriend/boyfriend, neighbor, sister, or even your best friend!

Fresh , Vibrant and Deliciously crunchy

Pepero sticks are deliciously unique in flavor and every box of these crunchy chocolate sticks differ from one another. If having your favorite pretzel stick covered in real thick chocolate isn’t enough there’s an extra crunchiness to fulfil your snack addiction. They come in flavours , Almond, chocolate, peanut, Oreo and many more. Among these flavours there is one flavour called ‘’Nude Pepero’’’this cookie has smooth chocolate on the inside and not the outside. This famous cookie has not only its fans attention but celebrities too! Pepero sticks does not only have their own day but  has collaborated with a range of Korean’s Award winning singing group BTS. This is definitely one cookie that has your shelves looking fresh , vibrant ,deliciously crunch and ready to sell!

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