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Sharing = caring

I Love you very mochi!

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Valentine's Day is known as the day of love. You give each other gifts like a mochi, go out for dinner and say a little more often that you love each other. One thing is for sure. You need your shop ready for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s day in Asia

In Europe Valentine’s day is known as a party on February 14th. But in China the people celebrate the Qixi party. Also known as the party of double sevens or the night of the sevens. Because it’s celebrated on the 7th day of the 7th month of the moon calendar, which is usually in August.

Valentine’s Day is also very important for people in the Philippines. Even so Important that thousands of people all come together to celebrate their wedding together. This wedding party is sponsored by the government. This saves a lot of money for couples. Couples that are already married use this moment to refresh their wedding vows.

In Korea, it is every month Valentine’s Day. They celebrate Valentine’s day twelve times a year, in different concepts. There is a kissing day in June, a Hug Day in December and a singles day in April.

In Japan, Valentine’s Day is a one-way situation. This is all about women who give their partner, colleagues, friends, or family some extra love. They have to give a present of chocolate. There are three kinds of chocolate to choose from. Giri-choco is one required chocolate. You must give this to your boss or colleagues. Then you have Tomo-chocolate, which is chocolate for friends. Tomo means friend. And finally, Hon-mei-choco, this is the chocolate for the love of your life! Women must wait a month for their presents. In Japan, March 14th is Valentine’s for a woman and called White Day. On that day the women receive white chocolate.

Some people in Indonesia do not recognize a special day to celebrate love. According to their religion, it is inappropriate to celebrate Valentine’s Day. There is even a protest!

Valentine’s Day has a different name in Thailand, it’s called Mahka Bucha day. During Makha Bucha, Thai Buddhists go to temples to give their respects to the Buddha and to listen to sermons on buddha’s teachings. To encourage Thais to behave like good Buddhists during this day, you can’t buy alcohol. Even the shop and bars can’t sell alcohol. Another popular thing in Thailand is to buy roses. The most important thing when you buy roses is to think about the color. You give a red rose to someone you love. A dark red rose for thankfulness. When you want to give a rose to a friend you have to buy a yellow rose and you only give a white rose to older people, like your grandmother or grandfather.  


Sharing is caring: making a Mochi’s together

Traditionally mochi’s are made in a large wooden bowl (‘usu’) and pound with a wooden mallet (‘kine’). This is also called the "mochi-Tsuki" ceremony and is rarely done with a minimum of 2 people, taking turns stomping. This eventually gives a sticky texture and a good taste. Eventually, the sticky stuff is formed into a ball. You can make it with your friend or family. A perfect activity on Valentine’s Day.

Mochi in your shop!

When the mochi is ready to enjoy, you can share it with your neighbor, colleagues or family. Mochi’s come in many flavors. For instance; peanut, Taro, Matcha, Ube, Sesame and Durian. For every friend there is another flavor. So, there are different ways to tell someone that you love them! 

One thing is for sure. You need your shop ready for Valentine’s Day!

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