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HK | Nin Jiom | Pei Pa Koa NO2. | 12x150ml.

HK | Nin Jiom | Pei Pa Koa NO2. | 12x150ml.

This traditional Chinese recipe is made to relieve cough issues and soothe the throat and vocal cords.
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More information

Based on the idea that respiratory relief comes from honey, natural ingredients and herbs, Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa’s formula was developed over a century ago. Through the knowledge of traditional medicine, this product is of high quality.

Product numbers
Expiration date 2026-07-31
Country of origin HK
Gross Weight SU 5
Sales Unit DEELV
Packing 12X150ML.
CBM (volume) 0.00851000000000000000
HS Code HK | 22029919 99
Multipack Amount 1
Ingredients mel 3870 mg, bulbus, fritillariae ciirrhosae 852 mg, radix glycyrrhizae 780 mg, aqua armeniacae 213 mg, folium eriobotryae 195mg, flos farfarae 120 mg, exocarpium citri grandis 120 mg, radix platycondonis 72 mg, radix platycodonis 72mg, mentholum 35 mg, radix adenophorae 27 mg, poria 27mg, rhizoma pinelliae preparatum 27 mg, semen trichosanthis 27 mg, rhizoma zingiberis recens 27 mg, semen armeniacae amarum 21 mg, fructus schisandrae chinensis 5 mg. Caution! contains licorice root extract, excessive use is not recommended for people with high blood pressure. Preparation: Adult: 1 tablespoon to be taken three times a day or dissolve in a little water. Children: dosage to be reduced according to age. Storage conditions: store in cool place.
Energy 1187kJ/283kcal
Fat 0g.
Of which saturated fat 0g.
Carbohydrates 71g.
Of which sugars 53g.
Protein 0g.
Salt 0,1g.
Vegan -
Halal -
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