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The influence of social media on European consumers:

The rise of Asian foods

Friday, June 7, 2024

Are you sure you are not missing out on the latest food trends? 

In today's fast-changing food industry, it's important to keep up with trends to stay competitive. However, many European food retailers struggle to meet the increasing demand for authentic Asian foods and snacks, leaving customers unsatisfied and missing out on opportunities. This shows a big challenge as they struggle to keep up with quickly changing consumer preferences influenced by social media.

Social media’s role in shaping food trends 

Social media platforms like TikTok have a big impact on what is served on European tables. With over 1.5 billion active users, TikTok has become a powerful trendsetter within the food industry. Thanks to the short, engaging videos curiosity is easily sparked for both traditional and trendy Asian foods. About 31% of TikTok users globally admit to buying food items simply because they are trending on the platform  (Fit Small Business). 

What is happening / trending:

Spicy Food Challenges: The excitement of spicy food challenges, often featuring Korean fire noodles by Samyang's Buldak noodles, has become a viral sensation. These videos have inspired many curious users who love spicy food to test their limits. For example, the hashtag #buldakramen has 58.2K, posts highlighting its widespread attention (TikTok

Asian snacks & candy: Unboxing and taste-testing videos of Asian candies from Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, and the Philippines are intriguing to viewers. The unique flavors and colorful packaging have made these candies highly in demand. One of the most trending treats is Mochi. With over 1.1 million posts on TikTok with the hashtag #Mochi, and billions of views this Japanese delight is an absolute winner. Bubble tea or Boba tea, again one of those trends that was introduced through social media, is continuously popular with over half a million posts with #bubbletea. Rising stars to watch out for are snacks like Roasted Seaweed and Jelly straws.

The growing interest in Asian foods: The influence of social media extends beyond individual items, encouraging European consumers to explore broader Asian cuisines. The hashtag #filipiniofood has had 213.7K posts on TikTok and even top chefs like Gordon Ramsey are sharing posts on how to prepare ramen. This inspires European food lovers to try dishes from China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines.  


Your partner in meeting consumer demand 

At Beagley Copperman, we understand the challenges food retailers encounter while adapting to fast-changing trends in the food industry. We specialize in providing a wide selection of not only authentic but also trending Asian food and snacks that consumers are looking for.   

Our product selection includes:  

Spicy food challenge products: A range a variety of Samyang instant noodles, dumplings and sauces in many spicy flavors. To make it easier for you we have ranked Samyang noodles according to their spiciness here.  
Asian snacks & candy: Our selection of candies and sweets from across Asia includes delicious varieties of Mochi, tapioca pearls for making bubble tea, a wide variety of jelly straws and cups, roasted seaweed snacks. Also, we have popular Asian delights like the smooth chocolate flavors of Pocky and Pepero, and the multisensory candy from Tasty Sounds.

By incorporating these TikTok must haves' products onto your shelves, you're not just keeping up with trends – you're setting the trends, with the right products to meet the evolving tastes of your customers. We stay ahead of the trends, so you don’t have to. Let us help you transform your product lineup and satisfy the growing demand for Asian foods. So, what are you waiting for? Order online today! Not a customer yet? Please register here or contact our sales team at  (+31) 888 880 288  or  

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