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ABC is by far the most talked about brand since they produced the juicy Tik Tok famous Jelly straws. As their number one product these jelly straws has taken over not only the local market but internationally too! They come in the most juicy flavors such as strawberry, cherry, apple, grape and many more. A quality product that is packed in many different shapes and sizes, from fun plastic jars to vibrant colourful small pockets and even mini cups.

17 products
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These refreshing jelly straws is especially enjoyed chilled for an ice cool splash of jelly or at room temperature which makes any season a perfect time to enjoy ABC’s products.

People choose ABC because;

  • Famous on social media and tasty!
  • Non Gelatine products
  • Fat free
  • High quality products certified by HACCP
  • Various types of packaging and sizes
  • Suitable for the EU-market

Where it all began

Tsang Lin Industries, who firmly believes in the sustainable development and quality first has impressively lived out their philosophy as they continue to develop new high quality products. Each product produced by ABC goes through a unique number of safety tests and strict quality control measures. These measures have been put in place to produce the best products to their customers in a timely and safe speed. As a company who believes in sustainability they have a special and dedicated  research team , who are always searching and testing out new ways to improve their products in the most delicate way with the use of advance technology and systems.


Because Just One Isn’t Enough!

This has to be the most talked about jelly candy in the 21st century. They come in many different types of packaging and sizes such as fun plastic Jars with many different flavors of thin  jelly straws like apple, strawberry, pineapple, grape and many more. They come in vibrant colorful bags too which draws the attention of any consumer , one bag contains many small sized pockets inside with flavors such as pineapple , strawberry and grape. ABC also has a unique range of jelly cups which come with Nata de CoCo. Nata de CoCo is a Philippines favorite and is used in many Filipino Desserts and drinks.  These jelly cups are deliciously tasty and reportedly raise sales at a vast speed! All jellies are extremely easy to open by hand or simply cut with scissors.

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