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Sip into summer:

Revealing the hottest trends for 2024

Thursday, March 21, 2024

As we get ready for the scorching summer months ahead, it’s time to explore the top trends that will define the season. From refreshing drinks to anime packaging, here’s a sneak peek at what you should keep on your shelves this summer!


Trend 1: Comics on packaging > TikTok & Netflix

Comics packaging are taking the world by storm, and their popularity is skyrocketing on platforms like TikTok and Netflix. Ultra Pop is leading with eye-catching designs, especially evident in their latest offering, Ultra Pop iced tea. From the popular Dragon Ball Z anime series to Naruto and One Piece. They come in many juicy flavors such as black tea infusion & peach juice, white tea infusion & peach juice, organic iced tea flavor with red fruit flavor and more. One Piece has grown to become a popular series on Netflix. Get ready to dive into a world of creativity and storytelling right from your beverage shelf!


Trend 2: Non-alcoholic > mocktails

Health-conscious choices are on the rise, making non-alcoholic beverages the new stars of summer. While abstaining from alcohol is a healthy choice, adding V-Fresh and ABC’s jellies to mocktails enhances presentation, and texture which brings an extra layer of excitement. With ingredients like basil seeds and colorful juicy jellies, these drinks promise an enjoyable surprise and attract curious customers without compromising on flavor.


Trend 3: Asian drinks - ramune and bubble tea

Asian beverages are heating up the summer scene like never before. HATA Kosen ramune soda is gaining attention, thanks to its unique opening method and distinctive glass bottle shape—a perfect blend of Japanese exotic flavors and innovation. Fans have taken TikTok by storm from around the world and record their reactions as they attempt to open the bottle. The iconic *POP!* as the ball drops into the glass and the satisfying rattling sound while sipping, makes this Japanese soda sensational.

 Meanwhile, bubble tea, especially in the irresistible brown sugar flavor, continues to captivate taste buds worldwide. Explore the many flavors of Wu Fu Yuan tapioca pearls, which includes green tea, lychee and many more. These tapioca pearls are versatile not only as beverages but also as delicious toppings on desserts.


Trend 4: The rise of functional beverages

Functional beverages are becoming more popular as consumers seek out health-focused drinks that offer more than just hydration. Asian-inspired coffee and teas, such as instant 100% ginger tea from HOTTA and green tea herbal infusion from Fitnè, and/or Nature’s Gift Coffee Plus can be great options for those customers searching for a refreshing and beneficial drink. They offer unique and extraordinary products that add a wholesome twist to iced coffee or tea. With so many options available, customers can stay cool and refreshed all season long.

As you stock your shelves for the sizzling summer ahead, remember that it's not just about the drink; it's about the experience. By incorporating these beverages into your selection, you're not just quenching the thirst of many customers – you're providing an experience that resonates with the preferences of today's consumers. Get ready to upgrade your summer drink game and make a splash in the market with these irresistible and on-trend selections.

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