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With Miyamoto and Sakura

Only the best sushi

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Sushi-making is an ancient Japanese art that grew into a global sensation. The Tokyo Design Studio sushi mat and molds set the stage for any sushi creation. With perfect designs and high-quality materials, these tools not only assist in shaping your sushi but also add a touch of creativity. Paired with premium ingredients like Miyamoto seaweed or Garimi seaweed ensures an oceanic freshness that balances perfectly with seasoned Miyamoto sushi rice. This combination forms the base of your masterpiece, allowing you to further experiment with various combinations of fillings. And what better way to complete this masterpiece than by dipping it into the traditional Sakura soy sauce.


Check out these three ways to make delicious sushi! From easy to easiest!


Sushi rolls

Products used for the Sushi Rolls:



Sushi with a Mold

Products used for the Sushi with a Mold:



Sushi Rice balls

Products used for the Sushi Rice Balls:



The fusion of textures and flavors transforms your sushi into an authentic Japanese experience. With every bite, you taste the care and creativity that went into making this work of art. So, gather your ingredients, set the stage with the tools of Tokyo Design Studio, and embark on a delicious adventure that's both delicious and looks stunning.

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