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Introducing the undefeated Premium brand Miyamoto. We have developed the Miyamoto Brand to best and select the best Japanese products for you. From Seaweed, Ice cream, and Sushi Rice to UdonNoodles.If you are searching for premium Japanese products then you need the Miyamoto range. We guarantee the best quality by buying the right harvest and do lab testing to guarantee the quality.

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Boost your sales with this stunning promotional Miyamoto poster designed by the talented graphic designers at Beagley Copperman. Crafted from high-quality poster material, this eye-catching poster measures 50x70 cm and is the perfect addition to your marketing arsenal. Don't miss out on this opportunity to captivate your audience and boost your sales. Order this remarkable poster today to give your customers an enhanced brand experience.
Try Miyamoto Sushi Rice Selenio Premium, the finest choice for sushi lovers! Ideal for shops, restaurants, and wholesalers, this 10 kg bag guarantees top-notch sushi creations. Elevate your sushi game with premium rice!
Try Miyamoto Sushi Rice Selenio Premium, the finest choice for sushi lovers! Ideal for shops, restaurants, and wholesalers, this 25 kg bag guarantees top-notch sushi creations. Elevate your sushi game with premium rice!
Elevate your offerings and cater to discerning palates by providing these top-quality, versatile noodles. Perfectly suited for both chefs and home cooks, these thick, chewy noodles are a must-have in your Asian cuisine repertoire. Miyamoto offers an authentic taste experience, making it an ideal addition to your product lineup. Don't miss the opportunity to offer your clients the best in Asian culinary cuisine with Miyamoto's Instant Fresh Udon Noodles – a delicious and convenient choice for memorable meals.

Miyamoto seaweed is the best because of its unique shine, extreme density, and deliciously smooth texture. It is also super thick however remains light as a feather with the perfect taste and smell. Miyamoto not only produces the best seaweed but many other products such as ice cream, sushi rice, and many more. Purchase these amazing products from an always high-quality, honest, transparent, and loyal Miyamoto.


People choose Miyamoto because;

  • Premium quality products
  • Great quality Packaging
  • Clear Instructions on packaging on How to use it in many languages
  • An eye catching brand on the shelf
  • Good pricing for high quality
  • Quality consistency


Honor May Not Win Power, But It Wins Respect

We have chosen Miyamoto due to the honesty, loyal, and strength that the great  Japanese Legend Miyamoto Musashi withheld. He was one of the most famous warriors in Japan and was undefeated for 61 duels, this is what we would like our brand to be representing. Only the best and undefeated in high quality. The amazing packing mostly attracts customers' attention with the daring Samurai warrior which is displayed in front. This logo has a special purpose and represents Miyamoto as an undefeated premium brand. Samurai were warriors who upheld a sense of self-worth and live by the highest code of conduct. They were extremely respected for their loyalty, honor to the rules of the code of conduct, and extreme self-control whether in a group or alone.

Bushido is a code of conduct that every Samurai had to uphold and honor. The most important code to respect and honor is loyalty and duty. It encourages appreciation and respect for life as well as teaches people to lead by example, express acts of kindness, and show mercy.Therefore Miyamoto has taken upon these values and promises to always offer the highest quality ingredients possible with the most premium choice for their customers. They vow to remain honest, true to their word and most importantly undefeated in the quality of their products. The Bushido legacy lives on in each product produced by Miyamoto.


Miyamoto Loves Nothing Less Than Perfect Quality

Miyamoto is known worldwide for their delicious Roasted seaweed. It has an incredible balance of thickness yet is super light and tasty. The unique texture is one like no other and just melts in your mouth with each bite. Miyamoto stands for in transparency and divine quality and that is why they carefully select only the best seaweed. The texture is too extremely shiny with a dash of gloss! The color is black and unlike other seaweed, it has no holes which makes it perfect for most customers' go-to snack the popular Sushi rolls. Most importantly this seaweed from Miyamoto is free from foreign substances, clean, and smells amazing!

Amongst Miyamoto seaweed, the brand also  selected many other delicious products such as Ice-cream in flavors like black sesame and Matcha. Matcha is particularly a popular flavor in teas, sweets, and even savory dishes, and now even ice cream! This earthy yet sweet Matcha Ice Cream is the perfect refreshing treat on a hot day. With a deep intensity and rich texture, this Matcha ice cream which is packed in a box of 12 per 500ml instantly takes customers on a ride to Japan or even Korea with just one scoop. Miyamoto also produces sushi rice which comes in 10 and 25 kg, perfect for customers' individual needs. In addition to the many tasty products, Miyamoto went a step further in producing the most delicious and quality snacks by introducing the freshest Udon noodles! They have a chewy texture, are Deliciously thicker than other noodles, and are ready to eat as they are fresh Udon noodles! Simply just heat them while cooking and enjoy. Udon Noodles are popular around the world as the perfect snack and a common ingredient in Asian dishes. In this pack, there are 4 individually packed Udon of 200g which can be kept at room temperature.


Miyamoto Udon noodle preparation:

  1. Boil about 3 liters of water in a pot.
  2. Separate the noodles and boil them for 2 minutes and 20 seconds
  3. Make sure to quickly rinse the noodles under cold after and place them in your soup choice.
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