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A Day Of Courage, Integrity, Strength and Passion

Happy Independence Day Filipinos

Thursday, May 11, 2023

The Philippines is a country of majestic wonder. It is no surprise that people all over the world travel to this Spectacular place and want to get a glimpse of the culture and celebrations. One, in particular, is filled with a rich history behind it and signifies an event or a historic moment that is celebrated with joy and fun.


A Day Of Courage, Integrity, Strength and Passion

June 12 is the Philippines Independence Day, or as locals call it, “Araw ng Kasarinlan” (“Day of Freedom”). This annual national holiday honors 124 years of the Philippines’ independence from 300 years of Spanish rule. On this day in 1898, General Emilio Aguinaldo lifted the Philippines flag for the first time and announced this date as Philippines Independence Day. Spain was the ruler of this beautiful country since 1565 and did not acknowledge The General’s Declaration of Independence. However, it was until the end of the Spanish-American War in May 1898 that Spain successfully surrendered and gave the USA control of the Philippines.

In 1946 the USA wanted the Philippines to become a state like Hawaii, however, by this time they were already an independent country. The US then granted sovereignty to the Philippines on the 4th of July 1968 through the Treaty of Manila.

Despite their independence on June 12, the Philippines originally used to celebrate it on the 4th of July, the same day as the US Independence Day. It is then in 1962 that President Diosdado Macapagal changed the date to June 12 to remember and keep the date of the end of the Spanish rule in their beloved country.


Kalayaan Fiesta Foundation Netherlands

This day is highly important to all Filipinos around the world and is celebrated with so much pride and lots of fun! It is celebrated with many fireworks, delicious food, and festivals around the world! KFFN (Kalayaan Fiesta Foundation Netherlands) is one of the many large celebrations which takes place every year in June in the Netherlands. This a day that not only Filipinos and their families, but other nationalities as well may come together and enjoy the whole day full of entertainment, food, games, and celebration of Filipino culture!

As authentic Asian food is the heart and soul of Beagley Copperman, we attend this wonderful event every year. This is an amazing opportunity to invite people from all nationalities to enjoy and learn about many Filipino brands such as Knorr, Eskinol, Cream Silk, Annie’s, and even Nina. Visitors will also have a chance to enjoy deliciously crispy samples of the undeniably flavorful Ube pillows by Oishi as well as engage in awesome fun games!

This year with a cost of only 2 euros, visitors will be able to play a game of football darts. This is just a game of darts, but with a football! The type of prize won will be determined by the area in which the ball hits on the dartboard, now that sounds like delicious fun! Come and enjoy a wonderful day of passion, fun and delicious food on the 10th of June at the Philippines Independence Day picnic at Kalayaan Fiesta Spaarnwoude.


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