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A day to celebrate loved ones

It’s Pepero Day!

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Today, it’s Pepero Day, a day that is celebrated in Korea by exchanging Pepero boxes of cookies. People do this as a way to express their affection towards each other. But where does this day come from, and how do you celebrate it exactly?

What is the origin of Pepero day?

The story goes, that this special day started back in the 80ties. LOTTE, the company that makes and sells Pepero, noticed that their sales increased on November 11th. After doing some research, they discovered that schoolgirls would exchange boxes of Peperos as a teasing way of motivating each other to stay thin (because of the thin and long shape of Pepero cookies). But nobody knows if this story is true, as there are many stories about the origin of Pepero day.

A Korean supermarket on Pepero Day (source:

What is the meaning of Pepero day?

After 1990, Pepero day became very popular in Korea. It is a day in which people exchange the cookies as a show of affection. It is similar to Valentine’s day, but less romantic. On Pepero day, you can share the cookies with all your loved ones, so not only your boy or girlfriend, but also your neighbor, sister, or best friend for example!

The challenge: Eat 11 packets of Pepero at exactly 11 seconds past 11:11 am and 11:11 pm on November 11th. Are you up for it?

What is Pepero?

Pepero are popular Korean cookies that are made of pretzel sticks that are covered with chocolate. They are a great quick snack and taste delicious with a cup of coffee or tea. They come in many fun flavors and are nice and chunky. Great to share, or eat all by yourself!

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