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New from Kaset:

Ready-to-eat vegan curries!

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Introducing Kaset’s latest addition, delicious vegan curries! These convenient meals offer a quick easy-to-prepare and vegan-friendly experience for your customers. With innovative production and high-quality airtight packaging, they stay fresh for up to 18 months without refrigeration. Say goodbye to preservatives and artificial colors!

Why you should offer Kaset ready-to-eat vegan meals:

Long shelf life

--> Up to 18 months without refrigeration.


--> Quick and easy meals ready in 2 minutes.

No preservatives

--> Healthy and natural options for your customers.

Delicious varieties

--> Choice of 7 tasty meals


 --> All Kaset meals are specially crafted for vegans.

New flavors:

1. Japanese curry: rich and flavorful, made with a variety of vegetables and Japanese spices.

2. Green curry: a Thai favorite with a coconut milk-based sauce and authentic green curry paste.

3. Tikka Masala: a classic Indian dish with a creamy tomato-based curry sauce for customers who enjoy spicy foods.

4. Dhal curry: a classic Indian dish made with lentils with aromatic spices.

5. Pad Kai Ka-Pow curry: a flavorful fusion of Thai basil and aromatic spices for a taste sensation

6. Panaeng curry: a Thai masterpiece with a rich coconut milk base and unique Panaeng curry style.

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Stock Kaset’s Vegan Curries Now! Give your customers a taste of these diverse and enjoyable vegan curries!

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