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Egg-citing Easter reveal

Koala’s March Easter edition!

Thursday, March 7, 2024

Get ready for an egg-citing Easter with Koala's March! The Easter edition pack is now available, bringing a burst of seasonal joy to your shelves. Among the original Koala’s March packaging, they also produce seasonal packaging for all the special celebrations throughout the year.  The seasonal packaging stands out from the ordinary and often entices curious customers to join the joyous experience of Koala's March.



Enchanting Koala characters

Picture the lovable Koala characters on the packaging in charming Easter decorations, creating a pleasurable visual treat for all ages. The Easter edition features adorable little bunnies and easter egg designs on cute pastel-colored packaging, It has been proven that the presentation of a product greatly impacts a consumer's decision-making process. The designs stand out from the ordinary packaging which then attracts curious buyers and kids who would like to start collecting them all!

Koala’s March has gone above and beyond to create an attractive and memorable design that is sure to capture the Easter season and the hearts of both kids and adults. The perfect addition to any easter bucket.

Beloved flavors: chocolate & strawberry

Available in the beloved chocolate and strawberry flavors, these tiny, adorable cookies are popular among kids and adults. As you get your store ready for Easter, ensure your shelves are stocked with these irresistibly crunchy and delicious treats, ready to make your customers' festive moments one to remember.

Prep your store for Easter

Make your store an Easter destination with Koala's March – the perfect blend of sweetness and celebration. Spread the joy and let the Koala's March Easter edition hop into the hearts of your customers. It's time to get egg-cited for a season of delicious cookies!

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