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  • Import & Export of authentic Asian food and non-food
  • 100% authentic quality
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  • EU law conform products

Quality Guarantee

At Beagley Copperman we work hard to make sure we deliver high-quality products. We do this by working with the best manufacturers and suppliers and investing in building good and reliable business relations.

To make sure our products are conform to EU law and of good quality, we installed a special quality team. These food science experts test the quality of our products and make sure labels are in order. All new products are being inspected and tested elaborately by this team, and only being added to our assortment when we feel confident the quality is up to our standards. We keep close contact with our customers and suppliers to stay on top of any changes in law or product specifications.

This way we make sure that the products we deliver to you are of high-quality and EU law conform!

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