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Behold the master of Japanese Cuisine, OYAKATA. A proud brand under the well-known Producer Ajinomoto, who has been around for more than 100 years. The authentic taste of OYAKATA  flows through each noodle soup flavor, right through their instant mouth-watering dishes. Creating the most iconic Japanese recipes is their specialty as with just one spoon you will understand why they are “The Taste Of Japan”. 

The premium animated packaging is only the beginning of their flavorful story, as “OYAKATA” the figure representing the brand happens to be the master of Japanese cuisine. He will take customers to the fascinating world of Authentic Japanese flavors and help your sales reach its full potential!


People Choose OYAKATA because;

  • Premium Packaging Designs
  • High quality ramen noodles
  • Easy-prepared instant dishes
  • Many delicious flavors
  • Affordable Japan Dish
  • Looks great on your Shop shelf


The Taste Of Japan

The Japanese diet is considered the healthiest in the world and Ajinomoto Poland Sp. z o.o. Has introduced a premium brand to the world OYAKATA. Ajinomoto Poland is a part of the Japanese corporation Ajinomoto Group specializing in food and pharmaceutical products. Based on the knowledge of the native company in Japan, Ajinomoto Poland produces  a line of Japanese instant soups and dishes with noodles under OYAKATA and ,any other brands. They always strive to maintain the satisfaction and trust of their customers. Through always keeping a close and careful eye on producing quality and safe products as well as caring about the environment, as confirmed by a number of certificates obtained and maintained according to international ISO norms and standards.


Oyakata, 10% noodles, 90% love

Master OYAKATA has carefully gathered all special Japanese flavors to produce the very best taste in all its Ramen noodle soups. Behold as the Master lets you experience the most perfect combination of OYAKATA Chicken which is the simple broth mixed with the special and intense chicken taste and finally served with noodles and the most aromatic spices such as ginger, garlic, and black pepper with sesame seeds. These amazing Ramen noodle soups come in a pack of 22 and have a 89g serving per bag.

The master continues to show off his skills and created authentic Japanese instant dishes which are especially inspired by Japanese Yokishoba dishes. There are many mouth-watering flavors such as Classic chicken Teriyaki, beef wasabi flavor, the all so famous Padthai dish and so much more. They all come with a sachet of liquid seasoning which has special intense aromas of herbs and spices which then gives the noodles a special Japanese noodle texture. OYAKATA is most satisfied when its customers keep coming back for more and that’s why the master has packed all its products with rich pieces of meat and vegetables depending on the flavor. All dishes are packed in a cup with a special easy-to-open lid intentionally for its customers not put too much effort in preparation and quickly enjoy their Meal! ITADAKIMASU


Preparation Instructions For Dishes

  1. Open the cover of the cup, peel the lid off and take out the seasoning sachet.
  2. Pour seasoning over the noodles with 280 ml of boiling water (up to the line shown on the cup).
  3. Cover the cup with a plastic lid and let it stand for 3 minutes.
  4. Drain the water through the holes in the lid, open the lid and add sauce from the seasoning sachet.
  5. Carefully stir and enjoy!
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