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Discover Beagley Copperman’s Mr. Jackson - a brand dedicated to excellence in every product produced. Our range of natural, pure and artisanal products is authentic and of the highest quality. Our products come in different sizes perfect for businesses that require larger volume packs therefore perfect for professionals in the food service and restaurant industry.

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Choose Mr. Jackson for an exceptional taste like no other and convenience, packaged in generous volumes tailored to the needs of your business. From the famous Gado-Gado peanut sauce to the excellency in the highest quality white rice!  A definite first-class choice for many worldwide.


People will choose Mr Jackson because;

  • High-quality ingredients
  • No artificial additives peanut sauce
  • Consistent quality
  • Versatility


High-quality ingredients

A Gado-Gado sauce is made with premium-quality peanuts and a blend of carefully selected ingredients, Mr. Jackson's rice guarantees a consistently high-quality and authentic taste, comparable to that of a 5-star premium restaurant.


No artificial additives

Free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives, Mr. Jackson’s peanut sauce prioritizes natural and beneficial ingredients.


Consistent quality

Our products are processed to maintain a consistent and appealing texture, quality, and authenticity ensuring a satisfying experience for customers with every purchase.



Whether you’re preparing a classic side dish, dipping sauce or incorporating it into various cuisines, Mr. Jackson products are versatile, complementing a wide range of traditional Asian dishes and styles.


Gado–Gado sauce: Asia’s finest flavors

Experience excellent restaurant quality with our 1kg Gado-Gado paste. Made with the best artisanal ingredients, it's perfect for enriching classics like Pad Thai or Gado-Gado Soup. Ideal for both restaurants and home cooks who crave that authentic Asian experience. It is a blend of freshly

roasted peanuts in a powder form that is quick and easy to make. The recipe for Gado-Gado had been passed down from generation to generation, cherished by the locals as a true masterpiece.

Transport into the delicious world of Indonesian cuisine, whether you're a food lover or just exploring Toko's for gourmet flavors. Upgrade your cooking with our high-quality Gado-Gado sauce – combining authenticity and convenience.


Setting the standard for premium rice…

Give your customers a first-class dining experience with Mr. Jackson’s high-quality white rice, is expertly crafted for absolute perfection. Take traditional Asian dishes such as stir-fry and Nasi Goreng to the next level with unmatched quality, authenticity and fragrant aromas that will take customers to the beautiful rice fields of Thailand in every bite. Keep the exceptional flavors intact with our incredibly fresh product—ideal for restaurants and food professionals looking to serve their customers with artisanal delight. Trust the consistent excellence of our top-grade rice to deliver an exceptional dining experience and enrich your establishment’s reputation with the finest rice quality.

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