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Enjoy a mouthful of the bouncy, soft, sweet and shiny Mochi produced by Kaoriya. Originated from Japan ,these popular desserts or snacks, are made with the best quality raw materials that makes everyone feeling like royalty with each bite. Royal Family Foods, the renowned and  proud producer of the Kaoriya Mochi has won many awards and are the expert in making the most delicious desserts in Taiwan. These days the Kaoriya Mochi’s have been exported all over the world.

9 products
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Enjoy flavors such as soft Red Bean, Coconut Pandan, delicious Durian, mouth-watering Ube and many more. Due to the (quality and) popularity of these delicious, soft desserts, there is a special tourism museum factory. 

People choose Kaoriya because;

  • Extremely Delicious
  • Available in many unique flavors
  • Gluten Free
  • Cholesterol Free
  • Suitable for the EU


The Royal Taiwan Mochi

The most natural ingredients are used to produce a bouncy, soft and shiny Mochi with the purest taste. In 1992 the first Japanese Mochi machine was introduced, which transformed the way the mochi was being made and distributed in Taiwan. Mochi started in traditional markets where people would make and sell them to the locals. It soon became famous when the President of Royal foods was gifted by his friend with a box of Mochi. He was surprised at just how tasty and soft the mochi was and how amazing it tastes even at room temperature. He immediately flew to Japan and was determined to expand and promote the mochi culture not only in Japan and Taiwan but internationally as well.

As the delicious Taiwan Mochi grew into the international market, the Chairman Mr. Huang Zhiming got invited to many exhibitions where he would promote the soft and tasty Mochi. Americans and Europeans were not open to giving it a try at first. It was then that the chairman tried some chocolate ice cream at the exhibition which gave him the idea to coat the Mochi with smooth chocolate. The Taiwan Choco Ball was invented and it quickly grew to be extremely popular not only in Taiwan but promoted Mochi to the world.


Taste of Happiness by Kaoriya

The Kaoriya Mochi is a healthy ,soft, stretchy and chewy ball that has the texture of a marshmallow. This is a rice cake made of mochigome, which is a short-grain japonica glutinous type of rice. The rice is mashed and moulded into the desired shape. The Mochi is too one of the few starches that is filled with loads of protein as well as gluten and  cholesterol free. It was once regarded as a staple food at the time  in Japan when food was scarce. It was believed that once eaten health and good fortune will follow you. This special treat is now enjoyed at any time , mostly during special festivals or holidays such as Japanese New year.

They are available in many different flavors such as Red bean, Ube, Sesame seed, Coconut Pandan, Durian, Peanut, Matcha and many more. The Kaoriya Mochi box is filled with 24 cakes of 210g with the most famous box being the assorted as there is a mixture of many different flavors inside. The most delicious , easy to carry around and conveniently  filling snack is ready to flood your shelves.


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