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The traditional mochi is growing popular among Europeans

Mochi - The rising star in Europe

Thursday, February 29, 2024

What is mochi?

Mochi, a Japanese delicacy with roots dating back centuries, is now creating waves of excitement as it gains popularity in Europe. Essentially, it's a sweet rice cake made from sticky rice also known as mochigome in Japan, Taiwan, and China. The process involves soaking, steaming, and shaping the rice into a sticky, chewy consistency. The dough is then shaped into various forms with many different flavors and fillings.

Mochi’s journey from traditional to modern

While traditional flavors like Love & Love red bean, sesame, and green tea remain popular, mochi has evolved over the years and now offers a wide range of tastes. In Europe, adventurous customers can purchase exotic options from Taiwan like Kaoriya’s ube, coconut pandan, taro, and even the unique taste of durian. Each bite tells a story of centuries-old recipes meeting modern-world creativity. One of the charms of the ambient mochi’s is in the convenience they offer. With no need for freezing, these mochis provide a versatile and easy-to-manage addition to your sweets selection.

Unlike traditional mochi which have ice-cream filling that needs freezing, these delicious treats offer the same irresistible taste and texture, making them incredibly convenient for instant enjoyment for your customers. Add a touch of innovation to your sweets assortment without the need for a freezer – ambient mochis redefine convenience and deliciousness!

Originally a ceremonial food in Japan, mochi has transitioned from a staple in celebratory rituals to a global sensation. Its journey from ancient traditions to contemporary snack culture highlights its timeless appeal. While the classic flavors maintain a strong fan base, newer and more modern tastes are emerging such as the Royal Family custard mochi. They come in flavors like lemon, raspberry and kiwi. In addition, is a must-have flavor that bubble tea customers will love; the unique and delicious bubble milk tea filling. The introduction of these new mochi flavors caters to a broader audience, attracting both the younger generation and individuals from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

The evolution of packaging

Packaging has transformed too, with modern designs replacing the more traditional ones. Mochi now comes in cool eye-catching designs and premium packaging ranging from convenient resealable packets to easy-to-open boxes. The visual appeal is just as enticing as the flavors within. This adds another layer of excitement to the overall mochi experience.

From its rich history to the new trending flavors and packaging, the mochi continues to grow and expand into many different parts of the world without compromising on its quality and irresistibly sweet fillings. Stock up today!

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