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About Us

Importer Authentic Asian Food


Beagley Copperman was founded in 2008 and swiftly became one of the leading importers of Asian food products in Europe. From the early start with only the  2 founders working from the attic of the owners' house, to the distribution of over 2.300 different SKU’s to over 30 countries. In 12,5 years, we are “just warming up!”.




Our customers are Asian supermarkets, (foodservice) wholesalers, and other Asian stores. Together with them, we make sure our products are available to consumers and comply with European law and regulations.

By intensive sourcing and combining our knowledge with that of our local name brand suppliers, our products have and maintain their authentic and 

unique taste experience.
Passion is our most important core value. Passion for our products, customers, and of course our co-workers. Together with them, we make the treasures of the authentic Asian kitchen available and accessible in Europe.

It is our ambition to become the absolute number one in Europe!



We live in a world in which mobility, wanderlust and connectivity are strongly increasing. As a pleasant result, we have more and more contact with exotic kitchens. Many people would like to experience these exotic flavors at home.

The Asian kitchen offers a big variety of taste experiences and has a healthy
and sustainable image. We bring that Asian passion for food to Europe.

When you think of authentic Asian food, you think of Beagley Copperman.

Europe for traditional distribution channels and high-quality mainstream retail.

We have a broad assortment of name brand products, from our suppliers as well as our own innovative brands. We select every product on its added value and original taste experience.

We are driven by passion and respect for our products, nature, our customers, and amazing co-workers who make a difference, every day!



"We are thé most innovative importer of authentic Asian food in Europe. With distinctive product range, focus on quality, and tailored advice, we are your partner for success."



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