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Made of fresh mung beans

Why is Kaset vermicelli premium?

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Kaset Vermicelli is so special because Kaset bean vermicelli is made from 100% mung bean starch. They use state – of – art machines to produce clean and safe products. Bean vermicelli is soft, cholesterol free and fat-free! The reason why they use fresh mung beans is that they are high in nutrients and antioxidants. This supports health, helps to protect and digestive health, against heat stroke, promote weight loss and lower cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. All these benefits help you to live a healthier and more responsible life.

To make starch, Kaset uses fresh mung beans. You get a completely different structure. Kaset is a special product because the process takes a long time, and you need many steps before you get the perfect vermicelli.



The process of making mung bean vermicelli takes a very long time. After cultivation, the mung beans are stored for a long time. Then it is mixed twice. The first time it is ground and the second time it is made to vermicelli. The next step is to test the product on quality. If approved, it goes through a dryer and is packed and shipped.



Our High-quality Kaset vermicelli

Kaset bean vermicelli is made from 100% mung bean starch.

Chef Menu – Bean Vermicelli

The Vermicelli is almost transparent and is 100% natural. The chef Menu Vermicellis is made of 19,84% mung bean flour. It has also a non-genetically modified organism mark. It is gluten-free and has 0% transfat.

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Chef select (premium) – Bean Vermicelli

The green-packed vermicelli is also almost transparent and is 100% natural. This Vermicelli is made off 47,25% mung bean flour. That’s the reason why it is called ‘Premium’. This Vermicelli gets the same marks as the blue one.

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Charcoal (extra premium) – Black bean Vermicelli

The black Vermicelli is an extra premium product. It got 99,6% mung bean starch and 0,4% Japanese bamboo charcoal. This vermicelli gets the same marks as the Chef and the Chef select. The only thing different is that the black is vegan too.

The Charcoal bean vermicelli color is because they use coconut husks or bamboo. These are heated to extremely high temperatures and steamed or treated with hot air. This processing creates black powder.

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