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52 producten

Buenas brengt de authentiek Filipijnse keuken naar jouw huis of restaurant met een groot assortiment aan speciale producten. Als één van de oudste Filipijnse merken, weten ze alles van de productie van hoge-kwaliteit producten. Geniet het hele jaar door van de constante en betrouwbare voorraad aan Filipijnse etenswaren van een merk dat nooit teleurstelt.

52 producten
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Afbeelding van PH | Buenas | Lye Water | 24x310g.
Niet veel producten zijn zo multi-inzetbaar als lye water. Gebruik het als schoonmaakmiddel, of (in de juiste hoeveelheid) in sommige Chinese gerechten.

People choose Samyang because;

  • No Artificial colours and flavourings   
  • Pesticide free on all frozen fruit and vegetables
  • All authentic Philippines products
  • 100% Compliant with FSS (Food Safety and System)
    • Advance testing technology to produce high quality food
  • 100% green company


Feel Comfortable while Eating

Buenas' number one goal is to provide people worldwide with the highest quality of Filipino homegrown food products! To produce such high-quality, each special product is put through intensive quality, health and safety tests. These tests are checked by the best food auditors in the world , FSS(Food Safety and System ) and Buenas has remained to be number #1 and therefore everyone can feel comfortable when purchasing from a reliable quality brand you can trust, always.

 This Fantastic brand took it a step further by becoming a 100% green company. They have achieved this by making sure all water waste coming from the factory does not run into the ground and destroy the soil but rather be recycled. The water runs through pipes from the factory and into four large basins where the water gets filtered. The 4th basin is filled with a unique kind of fish which is used to check if the water is safe to re-use. The fish are extremely sensitive and cannot live in unclean or toxic water. Therefore if the fish stay alive that means the water is clean and can be recycled back into the factory. Buenas continuously  seeks to not only protect themselves but the environment as well from any toxins they might have produced within the factory.


Bringing the taste of home to the world!

In a world of so many different tastes, this Filipino brand produces a variety of kitchen favorites that are used to make famous traditional dishes from the Philippines and Asia. Amongst these irresistible products is the famous delicious brown sugar-coated Banana chips snack. These finely cut slices of banana are bigger than normal-sized banana chips. They are caramelized in brown sugar which gives them their super sweet taste and along with every bite enjoy a delightful crisp in your mouth, which definitely makes these banana chips worth a try! This delicious snack contains no preservatives and is packaged in a vibrant easy-to-open bag which can later be resealed so they stay fresh for longer. However, If you’re craving something more traditional such as Halo-Halo, Buenas ranges all ingredients used in this popular Philippines treat! From Nata de coco, fruit mix and beans to Purple yam and even macapuno strings, be sure to get all authentic Filipino family recipes in one store!


One Step At A Time

Buenas took a step further by protecting not only their customers but their farmers too! They have  Installed air conditioning in factories for all those steamy hot days in the factory as the weather can become extremely hot in the summer season. By doing this all employees and farmers work in a cool and comfortable environment while producing only the best and special products. To continue producing the finest safe products, Buenas always puts effort into educating all staff and farmers about the necessary precautions, safety and better ways to make their products, fresher, modern and suitable for any market to enjoy! Ready to order Buenas yet?

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