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Sriracha shortage?

Not at Beagley Copperman!

Friday, June 24, 2022

Worldwide exports of Sriracha sauce are starting to run low. The first shortages are occurring in the USA and the rest of the world will follow soon, experts predict. But, hold on, welcome to the world of “Crying Thaiger Sriracha’’ we got the finest perfectly picked out chilies reserved and they are just for you.

Crying Thaiger Sriracha Sauce

Our famous “Crying Thaiger Sriracha sauce’’ is prepared with real Thai sun matured chilies, which give you just the right amount of spiciness. Together with fresh garlic made into a smooth and spicy sauce, presented in a recyclable squeeze bottle. Crying Thaiger Sriracha, which comes in a 740ml, 440ml and a 200ml bottle, is rich in flavor with just the perfect balance between sweet and spicy.

Real sriracha comes from Thailand!

Did you know that real Sriracha sauce originally comes from Thailand? Also the home to our “Crying Thaiger Sriracha’, from the bustling streets of Bangkok markets to the tropical islands of Phuket, the aromatic smell of this mouth-watering product not only explodes with flavor but is rich in culture. This product has brought the tastebuds of many together, not only loved by many Thai people but also by Vietnamese, Turkish and even now Europeans. With only one or two drops you will be enjoying the tasty culture of the ‘’Crying Thaiger Sriracha”.

Sriracha varieties

Available in two different flavors, "Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce" and a delicious, smoothly grounded ‘’Mayo chilli sauce’’, an additional spicy, yet sweet kick. Popular in various snacks, sushi rolls, fries and hamburgers, However, the tastefulness does not stop there, with just a few small drops you can boost meats, fish, pizza, popcorn and even cocktails! Now that’s a sauce!

Make sure to order your Crying Thaiger Sriracha Sauce now!!

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