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A day to enjoy vegetarian food

Vu Lan Festival

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Vu Lan festival

Every year, thousands of people celebrate Vu Lan Festival or Wandering Souls Day. This important spiritual holiday in Vietnam is held in the middle of Ghost Month, when it’s said that the world of the spirits is open to that of the humans. People show their gratitude and appreciation towards their parents and ancestors. 

Traditional Vu Lan food

During Ghost Month, many Vietnamese don’t kill animals or eat meat. At Vu Lan Festival, many offer a food tray to the family altar. It is very common to eat vegetarian of vegan on this special day as it is believed to reduce bad karmas. That’s why we’ve listed some delicious vegetarian or vegan dishes for you to enjoy on this magical day. 

Vegan Bún Chay

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Make this delicious noodle salad with extra firm tofu and season it with lime juice and soy sauce. Garnish it with peanuts for extra flavor and necessary vegan proteins. 

Click here to view the full recipe. 

Vegan Gỏi cuốn chay

Spring rolls are the perfect dish to create in a vegan style. Use for example dried shiitake and firm tofu to replace your meat or fish to make them nutritional and full of proteins. 

Click here to view the full recipe

Vegetarian Lẩu Nấm Chay

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Lẩu Nấm Chay is an easy dish to make vegetarian. Mushrooms are a great replacement for meat, as they contain lots of protein. Just use vegetarian broth instead of chicken and refrain from adding meat. Enjoy!

Click here to view the full recipe

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