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A COVID-19 update

Vietnam in lockdown

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Even though many countries are trying to get everybody vaccinated as soon as possible, we are still experiencing a huge impact on international trade. Currently, Vietnam is dealing with a rise of COVID-19 patients. As a result, the government has put more severe measures in place. 

Lockdown Vietnam causes delays and shortages

We receive many messages from our Vietnamese suppliers about the impact of these measures on their supply chain. “Due to the high rise of the covid epidemic, the government forced us to stop production activities to detect and check the epidemic as quickly as possible (about 14 days),” thus a spokesman of Vietnamese brand Gia Bao. Many suppliers warn for delays and shortages, as the situation worsens. 

Shop in time

The only way to manage expected stock shortages is to order Vietnamese products in time. If you have enough space, we advise you to maintain a high stock level in the upcoming period. Our team works hard on getting the containers shipped in an acceptable time frame, but can’t guarantee a solid stock level at this moment. 

Thailand and The Philippines are currently also facing severe COVID-19 measures. Click here to read more.

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