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Picture of KR | Samyang | Buldak Hot Chicken Ramen 3x Spicy | 8x5x140g.
New Product
Like Spicy? Then you should try this NEW 3x Spicy Buldak Flavour which is the Hottest in the Samyang line! These jaw-dropping, mind-blowing internet sensation need no introduction, as Samyang grew in popularity not only for its extra spiciness but it’s mouth-watering flavor too! Straight from the depth of Korea this irresistible ramen has an intense kick of heat but an addictively delicious flavor.
Add this product to your assortment and provide your customers with a delicious and convenient meal solution. Do not hesitate to offer this flavorful and convenient option to your customers. Customers can enjoy a warm and satisfying bag of Cung Dinh Kool Brand Instant Noodles with Pho Bo Beef Flavor, packed with Asian influences and authentic tastes, within minutes.
Picture of JP | HATA KOSEN | Ramune Strawberry Soda Pop Drink | 30x200ml.
Deal 10+1
Ramune is a refreshing and sparkling Japanese drink and means 'lemonade'. The bottle is sealed with a glass marble. You are supposed to push this marble into the bottle to make the Ramune fizz. Get the Ramune drink, beside the Strawberry, in many different tasty flavors!
Picture of VN | Nhattam | Vegan Fish Sauce | 12x510ml.
Minh Ha is a well-known Vietnamese brand that offers a diverse range of food products, particularly focusing on traditional Vietnamese cuisine. They are also the No.1 brand for the highest quality, premium fish products in Vietnam. As a restaurant, wholesaler or shop owner, you can offer Vegan Fish Sauce with pride knowing you offer your customers the best of the best. Minh Ha’s Vegan Fish Sauce makes every dish finger-licking good with fresh flavors and natural ingredients all the way from Vietnam.
Kaoriya Mochi is a traditional Asian delicacy that has been enjoyed for centuries in various cultures. Experience the delightful Kaoriya Mochi Ube Flavor. These soft and chewy Asian treats offer a unique texture and an unforgettable taste experience. Don't wait any longer and add the enchanting world of Mochi to your assortment.

Instead of telling you all about these products, we think it’s even better just to try them yourself. On the back of this leaflet, you can find more information about these products. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

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