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Real Philippine Boneless Milkfish

Seakings authentic fish

Monday, November 9, 2020

Marinated Bangus, or Milkfish, is one of the Philippines specials. With its distinctive and mild taste, this fish is served best marinated. It tastes great in many dishes. Whether you like it barbequed, cooked in soups, grilled or stuffed, with Seaking’s bangus you are sure to get that fresh fish taste!

Seaking's satisfied customers

Seaking’s boneless milkfish has a good reputation. For many satisfied customers, their deliciously marinated fish is part of the weekly menu. Philippine food blog Peper called Seakings fish ‘a good, satisfactory Bangus we can rely on time and time again’. With a score of 3/5 saltiness, 3/5 sourness, and 3/5 pungency, this fish is perfectly balanced. Not too salty, sour, or pungent, but just right!

About Seaking

Seaking knows all there is to know about fresh fish. Seaking ensures high quality by implementing a very strict production process. This process starts at accredited fish farms, where the fresh fish comes from. These fish go through strict testing processes to make sure they are of the highest quality. When all tests and preparation of the fish have been done, they are being deep-frozen to keep them fresh, from their facility to your doorstep!

With over 20 years of experience, their products can be found in over 1500 supermarkets, restaurants, and hotel chains in the Philippines. Because of the growing interest in their product all over the world, Seaking exports to countries like Japan, South Korea, Australia, the USA, and many countries in Europe.  

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