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Celebrating the Sweetest Stick Treats

Pocky Day and Pepero Day

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Pocky Day: A Japanese Sensation

Pocky, a creation of Glico, is an iconic Japanese snack loved not only in Japan but across the world. Pocky Day has become a symbol of friendship, love, and sharing joy. On this day people share Pocky sticks with one another as a gesture of friendship and appreciation. It’s common to exchange Pocky treats with colleagues, classmates, family, loved ones, and friends celebrating the idea of togetherness and sweet moments.


Pepero Day: Korea's Stick Treat with a Twist

Pepero, developed by Lotte, is from Korea. Just like Pocky, Pepero has gained international popularity and is often exchanged as a token of friendship and love. The origin of Pepero Day dates back to 1994 when middle school students in Busan exchanged Pepero sticks, hoping to become taller and thinner,just like the Pepero stick. Over time, the tradition grew into a much bigger celebration, embracing love and friendship. People exchange Pepero sticks with loved ones, friends, and colleagues. The act of giving and receiving Pepero celebrates the spirit of sharing and gratitude.


The Connection: A Shared Day of Celebration

Pocky Day and Pepero Day, both celebrated on November 11th (11/11), share more than just a date. The design of the number 1 resembles the shape of Pepero sticks, making the connection even more special. The similarities between these dates and the shape of the treats have transformed the 11th of November into an international celebration in stores and online.



Whether you're a fan of the Japanese Pocky or the Korean Pepero, these celebrations bring people together, Whether you're single or in a relationship, on this double celebration of November 11th, there’s a little something for everyone - whether you’re celebrating your friendship, family, or love , share sweetness of Pepero or Pocky sticks with those you care about. It  truly is a day of celebration, appreciation and gratitude. Happy Pepero or Pocky Day!

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