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The road to 15 years Beagley Copperman

Milestones: Our 15th anniversary

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Beagley Copperman celebrates her 15 anniversary and we would like to celebrate it with you. We have already achieved a lot in the past 15 years. Of course, that couldn't have been done without you! We will be coming up with promotions to celebrate our anniversary with you in this coming year. So, keep an eye on our website and socials for great deals!


If you want to know what we have achieved and what is coming up, follow the road! 




 The start

February 15th, 2008

It all started on February 15th, 2008 in a small attic room. Founders Marianne and Silvan saw a business opportunity and took it. They wanted to add their values to the Asian Cuisine in Europe. Not only buying and selling, but to be the Office in Europe for the Asian Brands. With their vast knowledge of Asian food and great enthusiasm, they were sure to succeed!


Our first Catalog

Silvan was mainly focusing on the Sales andPurchase and Marianne on the administration, Marketing, IT and Logistics. Silvan is the thinker, Marianne the builder. Marianne worked day and night to create their very first Beagley Copperman catalog. The next morning Silvan started a big trip through Europe, making sure all their potential customers got a copy.

Agent Fitné and Pantai


In their first year of business, some important business relations were made. Beagley Copperman became exclusive importer for Fitné and Pantai products.Today, Beagley Copperman still has a close and sustainable business relationship with these high-quality brands.

 First product: Fitné


For eight months, Beagley Copperman worked hard to make sure Fitné tea was ready to be introduced to the European market. By adjusting the design of the packaging and making the labels EU conform, the tea was ready to be sold all over Europe!

New office


In 2011, Beagley Copperman moved to a new office in de Zijdstraat. This meant more space, more colleagues, and more authentic products.


ISO certificate

12 june 2017

In the food industry, quality is of the utmost importance. This is why Beagley Copperman proudly received their ISO 22000:2005 certificate in 2017. Up to the present day, Beagley Copperman works hard to ensure the best quality for their customers.

New office building


In 2019, Beagley Copperman was ready to take the next step: their own office building in De Kwakel. It took a year to build from the ground up. In January 2019 it was time to move in and start a new chapter of their business.

De Kwakel


To make sure products would be delivered as quickly as possible, Beagley Copperman moved the warehouse to De Kwakel under its own management in 2019. That’s why they can now ensure next day shipping to Benelux customers.

The Beagley Copperman Team is like a family. We have a young team and are all running to be the best in the Asian Food Business. Everybody helps each other and together we create the fast grow of Beagley Copperman!


12,5th anniversary

18 August 2020

In 2020 we are celebrating our 12,5th anniversary together with you as our valued customer! We are proud of what we have achieved so far, but this is just the beginning! We want to keep building sustainable business relationships with our customers and suppliers, create new products, continuously optimize our supply chain and make even more authentic Asian products available for the European market

Warehouse relocation


Beagley Copperman just keeps on growing! That’s why in 2021, we needed to relocate our warehouse! Now we have much more room to store all of our products!

Crying Thaiger Truck


To promote one of our top brands, we designed a truck ourselves!


15 year anniversary


Beagley Copperman celebrates his 15 anniversary and we would like to celebrate it with you. We want to thank you for your trust in recent years and let's see how we can grow further together!









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