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Koala's March

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Koala’s March is one of the most deliciously famous snacks made by Japan’s No.1 confectionery company Lotte. These tiny Koala shaped cookies are filled with many delicious, creamy flavors and over more than 210 cute koala designs have been released. These tasty cookies are offered a variety of cute packaging sizes, which look perfectly attractive and appealing on any shelve or store.

Let these little deliciously filled koala bears put a smile on your face. A very popular snack by famous confectionery brand LOTTE. Now, in special Easter edition!

This adorable cookie first became very popular in South Asia and is now loved worldwide! Koala’s March is a loyal supporter of the Australian Koala Foundation.


People choose Koala’s March because:

  • The wide range of flavors: chocolate, strawberry, white milk and vanilla
  • The continuously changing Koala designs (there are over 210 Koalas March Characters to discover ) will put a smile on your face
  • Koala’s March supports the Australian Koala Foundation
  • Stand out colorful 6-corner shaped packaging design
  • It’s ingredients, packaging and certification is suitable for EU Market
  • Halal


With Love From Japan

Lotte is originally from Japan but has developed itself also in other parts of Asia such as China and Thailand. At Beagley Copperman, the adorable tiny cookies are specially imported from the amazing Thailand Manufacturer. Together with Koala’s March, we have developed a product that is suited for the EU market, without the ingredient egg, because several products from Asia that contain eggs are prohibited.

The brand goal was to create products that are loved by everyone and in some way or the other changes lives just like the character Charlotte, from the famous German novel ‘’The Sorrows of Young Werther’. In March 1984 the first Koala’s March cookie was produced. The best part about each cookie is not only the creamy filling but also a special Koala character on the outside of the cookie. Each Koala design is unique and different, therefore finding and discovering your favourite character brings the entire family together. The cookie has since become extremely famous all around Asia and soon after the world!


Love at First Bite

As Koala’s March only uses the purest ingredients to make the best cookies, the filling inside these adorable crunchy cookies comes in many different flavours that taste uniquely different from one another. The most popular flavors, Chocolate and Strawberry, are both deliciously sweet in flavour and extremely addictive. The milk used for production has been carefully selected and comes from only the best pesticide-free farms to produce the smooth chocolate filling you taste with every bite. Other delicious favourites, such as White Milk, have a rich, milky flavor with extra cream cheese powder added, which makes it almost impossible to stop eating!


All in just one cookie!

Every Koala’s March cookie carries the koala design on the outside. There are over more than 210 characters to discover and each character is unique. When searching for your favourite flavor you’ll discover that each koala design is portraying a different activity and others show different costumes, moods and seasonal themes. Koala's March takes pleasure in celebrating popular holidays around the world. Packaging designs and flavors change often to fit each season or popular holiday, like Easter, Halloween, Christmas and Chinese New Year perfectly.


Australian Koala Foundation(AKF)

Koala’s March has been supporting the Australian Koala Foundation(AKF) since it celebrated its 10th anniversary in 1994. The foundation has provided close to 8 million dollars towards koala research through universities and institutions in order to educate everyone and continue to protect Koalas from danger or mistreatment. The foundation even goes as far as rescuing as many koalas as possible when bush fires occur.

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