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It's International Coffee Day!

Thursday, October 1, 2020

I don't know about you, but in my experience getting through the day without coffee can be rough. It seems many people feel this way, because since 2014 this hot drink has its own day: International Coffee Day. Whether you just woke up, have a busy day at work or for any other reason need an energy-booster, coffee is there for you. At Beagley Copperman, we celebrate this special day with our favorite coffee brand: Fitné!

Fitné Coffee with Apple Extract Premium Series


This instant coffee with Apple, Pine Bark and Pomegranate Extract is designed to help you stay healthy whilst drinking your favorite drink! Pomegranate is high in anti-oxidants, which helps fight free radicals. Pine bark is known for its high levels of Vitamine C. It is also believed to be good for the immune system.

Fitné Coffee with Fiber Premium Series


Because of the added fibers and fish collagen, this coffee is designed to help you keep your shape. Collagen is known to help with hair and nail growth. It is also used by people as a way to fight wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. The added collagen helps to keep your skin young and fresh whilst the chicory fibers have a prebiotic effect. This coffee contains no sugar, as it is sweetened by sucralose. Enjoy your coffee-moment without feeling any guilt!

Fitné Black Coffee Coenzyme Q10 - Zero Sugar


For real coffee-lovers who want to stay in shape: this instant coffee is low calories and has a great coffee taste! Enriched with coenzyme Q10, this instant coffee is rich in antioxidants. Just empty the sachet in a cup with warm water, stir, and your drink is ready!

Fitné Diet Coffee 3 in 1 with Collagen & Vitamin C


This Instant Coffee Mix is not only tasty, it is enriched with Collagen & Vitamin C as well. The formula is sweetened by sucralose instead of sugar and is therefore low in calories, perfect for coffee-lovers who want to keep their shape. Add some boiled water to your instant Fitné coffee powder and you are ready to start your day!

Fitné Diet Coffee 3 in 1 w White Kidney Bean Extract


This instant coffee is more than just tasty: with the added vitamins B1, B2, B6 and white bean extract, it's healthy to!The white kidney bean extract is believed to absorb carbs, preventing them from turning into sugar and fat. Fitné also added L-Lysine to the mix. This stimulates the production of collagen, which helps the skin stay elastic and firm. Perfect for coffee-lovers that cares about their health.

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