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Honestly good sauces by Pantai Norasingh

Friday, June 26, 2020

We strongly believe in Pantai’s sauces. With an extensive product line of consistent high quality, they never disappoint. But aside from creating great products, they have a beautiful story too.

Who is Pantai Norasingh?

The story of Pantai Norasingh is set in 1704, when king Suriyenthrathibodi visited Klong Khok Kham by boat. The steersman of this boat was mister Pantai Norasingh. During their trip, they came upon hazardous conditions and Pantai struggled to get the king and boat to safety. Whilst he succeeded to save the king and himself, the boat was lost in the dangerous waters.

By law, Pantai had to save the boat as well as the king. If he couldn’t save both, the punishment was being beheaded. But the king showed mercy and understood Pantai couldn’t have saved the boat during their dangerous trip. He decided not to punish Pantai and let him live. But Pantai insisted that he face the law in the same way as any other individual must face the law.

After being beheaded, the king built a shrine in the steersman’s honor while Pantai Norasingh remains a role model for honesty, integrity, and self-discipline.

The brand Pantai Norasingh

Pantai’s philosophy for business and life is honesty. That’s why the name of the legendary man ‘Pantai Norasingh’, known and respected for his honesty, is used as their brand name. It is also the reason they select only the finest chemical-free vegetable products, from standardized quality agricultural sources and Thailand’s freshest seafood protein.

That’s why the slogan of Pantai reads: ‘Delicious! True to his word’.

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