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Cung Dinh is a brand under the Asia Food Technology JSC (Micoem), which is one of the leading manufacturers of instant noodles and instant rice noodles in Vietnam. Since 1991 these tasty, convenient and irresistible noodles have been the perfect authentic Vietnamese snack. They come in delicious flavors such as Hot & Sour Prawn or Pho Bo Beef and many more. In addition, Cung Dinh Kool has joined the family since 2017 with more flavors and the perfect authentic taste!

24 products
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People choose Cung Dinh because;

  • Premium Products – Noodles made with Potatoes
  • Cung Dinh -Three types of packaging
  • Kool – two types of packaging
  • Easy to cook -suitable for fast pace life
  • Great and Convenient Packaging
  • Many delicious flavors


The Noodle That Never Disappoints

Asia Food Technology JSC is a leading manufacturer of Instant noodles in Asia Asia Food Technology JSC is a leading manufacturer of Instant noodles in Vietnam. This amazing brand which started in 1991, continues to dominate the Premium noodle market with its delicious flavors and innovations such as Cung Dinh Kool. Their main specialization is in making premium Rice Noodles, Dried Noodles, and Pho which have separate factories, one for Instant Noodles and one for Rice Noodles which exports to more than 40 countries worldwide. Cung Dinh believes in diversity therefore they make products that cater to many various types of customers and their needs. Cung Dinh and Cung Dinh Kool are completely product quality ensured by the International Food Safety Standards such as ISSO and Hazard Analysis and critical control points (HACCP). This allows customers from around the world to fe

They have also taken a step further by setting up a Resource & Development department to ensure exporting to different markets is perfectly customized according to their customers' requests and market requirements.  In doing this their products are well sold and receive extremely positive feedback from their customers.


A Noodle For Every Craving

Cung Dinh Instant Noodle is made from potato starch. They have a variety of mouth-watering flavors and packaging that explodes in vibrant colors ready to attract any consumer. It is extremely easy to cook, time-saving, and perfect for a fast-paced lifestyle, your perfect meal on the go.

They have different types of packaging such as bowls, bags, and cups. Each bag comes in a pack of 30, the cups are packaged in a set of 24, and the bowls are arranged in a set of 12. All noodle flavors are rich in Vietnamese culture as you will find Cung Dinh Lau Tom Chua Cay noodles are for lovers of a sour taste. The aromatic combination of sour lemon and the spicy taste of chili, as well as the added special herb sauce, ensures you receive the best authentic sour yet delicious taste! As well as Cung Dinh Mi Khoai Tay and many more.

This convenient noodle product is high in calories, giving you an abundance of energy, and full of activity throughout the day.



Cung Dinh Kool

When it comes to adding a mouth-watering twist to any mealtime experience look no further than Cung Dinh Kool. This premium product is packaged in various vibrant bowls or bags with many different tasty flavors to choose from. Kool stir-fried noodle-salted egg was inspired by many countries around the world such as China, Singapore, Taiwan, and many more as they produce many salted egg dishes like Dimsum or full moon cake.

Vietnam is famous all over the world for its delicious traditional Pho noodle. This is truly the soul of Vietnamese cuisine and is now available in an instant meal. Cung Dinh Kool – Pho Ha Noi is an instant Pho noodle meal for many who find it difficult to make the popular and most authentic Vietnamese dish in only a few minutes. It is extremely beneficial to your health as each serving contains good carbohydrates, amazing amounts of proteins that are good for your body, and many essential nutrients which maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It comes in convenient packaging and premium seasoning inside as well as a special Vietnamese chili sauce made from chili that has been fermented for 6 months. This gives customers an authentic Vietnamese experience of the traditional and most delicious Pho Ha Noi dish without leaving their homes.

All instructions are perfectly set out step by step for customer’s convenience . These tasty bowls and bags come in two aromatic flavors within a pack of 12 per bowl carton and the bags come in a pack of 30 per carton. For even more convenience because of its lightweight, it makes it easier to carry the package everywhere you go.



Pho Ha Noi Bag – simply prepare five cups of water, add one tablespoon of sugar, and stir until dissolved. Add the contents of your Cung Dinh Kool Pho beef or chicken flavor sachet, then stir and bring it to a boil, keep stirring for 15 minutes occasionally to make sure all ingredients are combined. Once cooked, you may serve it as is or add proteins such as beef or chicken.

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