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Real Sriracha comes from the most quality and freshest hand-picked chilies in Thailand. As you open a bottle of the famous Crying Thaiger Sriracha the journey starts with an authentic Thai spice aroma and ends with a unique finger-licking delicious taste! All flavors are perfectly blended to create the most authentic Thai flavor, by using only quality ingredients. It comes in Mayo, ketchup, and mouth-watering Hot chilli sauce.

7 products
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This impressively branded bottle is super easy to open and features a fierce Tiger strong enough to attract anyone to its spiciness and unexpectedly delicious taste! Indulge in this unique sauce and spice up your shelves the Crying Thaiger way!

People choose Crying Thaiger Sriracha because;

  • Most refined Sriracha taste in the world
  • Authentic Thai Sriracha
  • 100% Vegan
  • Available in many flavors
  • No artificial colors
  • Recyclable
  • Amazing packaging


Where the Blend Begins

Proudly produced by Suree Interfoods in Samutsakrorn, Crying Thaiger Sriracha sauce is like no other brings a different level of Authentic Thai spice and sweetness in one recyclable squeeze bottle. Thailand is the original producer of the first real Sriracha sauce and continues to add spice to many people's meals and dishes both locally and internationally. All chilies are hand-picked and go through many quality checks by farmers as their only search is to find the freshest and perfectly sun-matured chilies. All ingredients used in creating this amazing combination of spicy and flavorful are from home-grown Thailand farm fields that take pride in producing only the best combination of great flavors which is used in many meals, snacks, or dipping sauces.


Let’s Spice It Up!

Crying Thaiger Sriracha comes in many different flavors such as Mayo, Ketchup and Hot chili. Each flavor is special and has a unique taste! The famous Crying Thaiger Hot chili Sriracha flavor is a combination of the finest red chilies as well as the freshest crushed garlic and a sweet taste that is by far the hottest flavor amongst the three and most enjoyed by all spicy lovers and non-spicy lovers. Its unique sweet taste after a spicy explosion attracts anyone who is looking to add a sweet dash of spicy to snacks, meals, or snacks such as burgers or hotdogs. Sriracha Mayo chili sauce is a unique blend of spicy hot chili and Crying Thaiger’s special mayo sauce which gives you the perfect chili mayo sauce which is perfect in salads, dipping sauces, or burgers. If you’re looking to have your favorite ketchup but just with an added bit of spice this sauce is perfect for that extra mouth-watering taste.


Packaged For Perfection

This beautiful recyclable squeeze bottle comes in 740ml, 440ml and 200ml, incredibly designed perfectly for your customers individual needs or wants. They are extremely easy to use with just one squeeze and can be stored just about anywhere. The bottle is printed with an amazing roaring Tiger to represent just how spicy this sauce can get. This is indeed one attract bottle that will make any shelve look desirable and exciting to try out.

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