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Beagley's Christmas Presents!

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

In the holiday season, we like to hand out gifts to our customers. So with every order from €1000 you will receive a special gift. We've selected a few luxurious gifts that would look great under the Christmas tree!

Ferrero Rocher Pyramid

Get this gift with an order worth €1000

These delicious chocolates by Ferrero Rocher are as good as they look. Wrapped in a luxurious golden paper, these chocolates have a unique hazelnut flavor. The chocolate covered waffle is filled with a smooth hazelnut cream in which a pure hazelnut is hidden. A great treat to share with family and friends this holiday season. 

Rituals Sakura Collection

Sakura Collection Gift Set

Get this gift with an order worth €2500

The Sakura collection by Rituals honors the beauty of the Sakura blossom. This blossom symbolises living in the moment and enjoying its beauty. Experience every day as a new beginning with Rituals Sakura collection. 

Rituals Amsterdam Collection

Get this gift with an order worth €5000

This special Rituals collection combines Dutch tulips with Japanese yuzu and is a tribute to the historical trading connection between The Netherlands and Asia. Experience the smell of fragrant flowers and exotic spices.

Nintendo Switch

Get this gift with an order worth €10.000

Game everywhere, anytime, alone, or with friends! The Nintendo Switch adapts to your situation, to make sure you can unwind at any moment. 

Fitbit Versa

Get this gift with an order worth €10.000

Give your lifestyle an upgrade with Fitbit Versa. It helps you sleep, motivates you and adds a new level of conveniece to your life. Listen to your favorite music or pay contactless with this handy gadget. 

For the kids

LEGO duplo: Get this gift with an order worth €2500
LEGO Disney and Creator: Get this gift with an order worth €5000

Want to give the kids a truely great gift? These playsets by LEGO are popular amongst youngsters and a great way to stimulate their creativity. It is the ultimate gift for under the Christmastree! 

Contact your sales representative for more information and the conditions. 

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