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Undeniably delicious

The real Cheese Rings by W.L.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

As the first Filipino snack manufacturer, W.L. has got an extensive high-quality product range. Their snacks are extremely popular in the Philippines, and now gaining increasingly more attention from countries all over the world.

W.L.’s history

Established in 1986, W.L. was the first snack manufacturer in the Philippines. With one small delivery truck and some second-hand machinery, they started producing their first product: the Cheez Zum cheese rings. These crispy rings are to this day a huge success in the Philippines and many other countries all over the world. Thanks to this product, W.L. had the means to create more delicious snacks.

Cheez Zum Rings

These tasty rings are one of the most popular products W.L. has ever created. Many other brands have tried to replicate this cheese ring recipe, but W.L. produces the unbeatable original product. They are made from corn, which gives it a light and crispy bite. The distinctive cheese flavor is so good, it will keep you wanting more. Available in handy small packaging, or bigger shareable size.

W.L. Cheez Zum in short

  • The original recipe
  • Real cheese flavor
  • Light and crispy
  • Available in different sizes

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