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Which fish sauce fits your needs?

A Guide: Comparing fish sauces

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

With so many well-known fish sauce brands on the market, you might wonder which one you should buy. We’ve compared 4 of our favorite fish sauces to help you make your choice. We looked at the type of fish it is made of, the country of origin, the fish-percentage, and specialties. 

Vietnamese or Thai fish sauce?

Fish sauces are made all over Southeast Asia, but the best known and most sold sauces have their roots in Vietnam or Thailand. Even though the sauces from these countries are made in a similar way, the flavor and saltiness is different. Thai fish sauce is known to be saltier and have a more pungent flavor than the Vietnamese sauces, which are lighter of taste. People say the best Vietnamese fish sauce is made from fish that are sourced from Phu Quoc, an island off the southwest coast of Vietnam.  

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Thanh Ha


Type of fish: Anchjovy

Percentage: 62.5% and 75%

Country of origin: Vietnam

Specialties: When you first see this product, you will instantly notice its great looks. The label is beautifully designed with a charming illustration and a silver or gold-band finish. This sauce comes in either 35gN/L (62.5% fish) or 38gN/L (75% fish) so it is up to you how strong you like your fish sauce. The sauce is made from anchovies that are sourced at the Vietnamese island Phu Quoc, which is known for its high-quality fish. Thanh Ha’s fish sauce is made from the first extraction of the fish, meaning is it at its most purest and contains the most protein and nutritional values from the fish. 



Type of fish: Gouramy, Anchjovy

Percentage: 80% 

Country of origin: Thailand

Specialties: This fish sauce looks more cloudy than most because it is made with 67% gouramy fish. But it doesn’t stop there, as this product also contains anchovy fish bringing the total fish percentage to a whopping 80%. The fish is sourced from Thai freshwaters, making it an authentic Thai product. 



Type of fish: Anchjovy

Percentage: 47% 

Country of origin: Vietnam

Specialties: Many Vietnamese know and love this fish sauce, as Chin-Su is one of the most popular Vietnamese sauce brands. With the added salmon flavor, this sauce has a special twist that makes it a just that little bit different from other fish sauces. 

Three crabs


Type of fish: Anchjovy

Percentage: 49% 

Country of origin: Thailand 

Specialties: Especially in the USA, Three Crabs fish sauce is seen as the premium brand. It is so popular, that there are many copy-cat brands currently on the market. This one is the real thing! It is a pure fish sauce with a fine taste. 

In the end, which one you choose will depend on your personal taste. Do you like you food saltier, or are you looking for a more subtle taste? Do you want a high fish percentage, or do you like it a bit lighter? The only way you’ll know is to just try them and see which one makes you heart beat just a little faster. One thing is for sure: with these brand you’ll have a high-quality taste.

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